Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing

Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing 5.51

This game have usual options like a championship, a single race, a practice mode
3.8  (5 votes)
5.51.138 (See all)

Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing is the first truck racing game ever on the PC. Originality is always welcome in gaming circles and if you thought it would be just the same as playing a car driving game then you are in for a surprise. The handling feels heavier, the vehicles slower and getting past the other trucks is no easy matter.
The game contains the usual collection of options. A Championship, a single race, a practice mode with the option of a ghost truck in front to slowly guide you around the track (believe me you'll need it) and a time trial mode. All the vehicle setup options are here and you can tweak the truck's setup until your heart's content. The graphic setup options are to be applauded.

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